Sunday, January 9, 2011

Slowcooker pulled beef/pork

So working retail eats your soul in the month of December, did you know that?  I haven't done much of anything except for move and I'm not even done with that.  But I thought I'd give you a short update.  I just bought a new crock pot.  One of my very own!  So I thought I'd share my first recipe with all of you:

What you'll need:
3.5 - 4 qt slow cooker
1 2lb pork rump roast or beef roast I used a "tender roast" basically it was a small beef roast with more fat.
1 1/2 C rootbeer (12oz)
1Tbs garlic salt  (approx I just shook some out and rubbed it in lol)
1 12oz bottle of bbq sauce
hamburger buns or keizer rolls

What to do:

In your slow cooker place your meat of choice sprinkle on the garlic salt and massage it in a little.  Pour on your rootbeer and turn the slow cooker on high and let the meat cook in the soda for 5-7 hrs on high depending on how your cooker heats.  When the meat is tender and shreds with a fork drain the rootbeer and add the bottle of bbq and let cook on low for another hour.  Serve on your rolls (I toast mine a little) and enjoy!

Maybe I'll post a picture later if I don't forget =)


  1. it was soooo good but andrew's friends ate it all before I could get a picture ='(