Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Costume.... late late late sorry~

Okay so a few months ago a very close friend and I were talking about her halowe'en costume and she mentioned that she wanted to be Harley Quinn from Batman, but not just regular Harley Quinn, but the one from Arkham Asylum.  She mentioned that she needed an underbust corset and couldn't find any that would fit properly that was cost effective (underbusts purchased online ranging upwards of $80) so I offered to lend my sewing skills.  we drew up a pattern and experimented with some scraps I had laying around and then hacked at it.  We did learn a few things.... like don't use a sewing machine that likes to be bi-polar, and don't wait until the last second to make the costume, we were up until later than 2am multiple nights in a row.  And Orange juice bottles make awesome boning material!  But the end result was pretty sweet.  I think I actually want to make a poison ivy costume for myself now (but not Arkham Asylum I can't pull off something that skimpy) and we can run around in "Gothams Best" being complete nerds.  but I can only take credit for the underbust she did piece together the rest, and the details really do help!

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