Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Note About Pie Crust

Dear pre-made pie crust.
     I hate you.  You melted and fell apart in my oven causing a tiny fire.  I'm pretty sure I got some of the salt on the corner of my apple pie when I was putting said fire out (I'm sorry to whoever gets that corner).  You still puffed up even when I used pie weights when I made my pumpkin pies, and my pretty crimped edges on all of my pies fell down.  I hate you pre-made pie crust, we are not friends.
     Julia Child, I will never stray from your crust recipe again.  In all the years I have used it it has never failed me, never melted, never caused a fire.  I apologize for every going the "easy" route.

Oh and have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Three of the ugliest pies I've ever made (the apple pie is the one that melted and caught the oven on fire):

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