Saturday, August 20, 2011

I live!

So what has happened to me in the eight months since I last posted?  Well... I got married, I got sick, I've been traveling, and I moved (All in that order too!).  I have just been a busy girl.  But that's no excuse.  This is really my way of saying I'm sorry.  I've kind of put this blog on the back burner.

All this time not blogging has given me a chance to really think about what I want to make this all about.  I was unfocused before, I wanted to write about everything crafty under the sun.  But really this should be about my true passion.  So what is that then?  Well as you might guess by my new title it would be baking.  And you would be mostly right, I love to bake and it is my true passion.  And I will also be including other recipes here as well as maybe the occasional craft or two.

So I would like to welcome all of you to my revamped blog!

<3 Crafty Leo 

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  1. Yay!!! I've missed drooling over your yummy looking recipes!!! Welcome back!